Friday, October 22, 2010

EGH with MXL Microphones

King Crazy releases new Rock Album

King Crazy Releases Debut Album Pure Rock Record "Hero"

"Hero" is the debut album from the Rock 'n' Roll folks known as King Crazy! With 10 deliciously entertaining cuts and 1 seriously rockin' cover of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" this record is sure to be a hit at any party. Or simply turn it up really loud when you're mowing the lawn and scream like a rock star!  "Hero" was recorded and mixed at Ultimate Rhythm Studio in Hollywood, CA by band members Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer and mastered by T.J. Helmerich at Musicians Institute. "We definitely had a great time writing and recording this record and I think we were able to capture that. King Crazy's heart and soul is pure Rock 'n' Roll. There are no politics, only Rock 'n' Roll!" says drummer Charlie Waymire.

MXL Microphones were in every phase of the record process and were an integral part of the overall sound of the band. "When we set out to record this record we knew we would need a lot of mics, mainly for drums but we wanted to have options on guitar and vocals too. We didn't have a major label budget to work with and we didn't want to sacrifice any sound quality so we turned to the folks at MXL to help us out. That has been one of the best decisions we've ever made" says Waymire.

"Hero" is pure Rock 'n' Roll. No Glam Rock, no  Metal, hell not even Hard Rock. Just good 'ol straight forward Rock n' Roll, and highly entertaining Rock at that. If you like to rock, laugh, cry, and then rock some more then "Hero" is definitely a record for you!
King Crazy's band members Brian "Hacksaw" Williams (vocals), Ernesto Homeyer (guitar), Menno Verbaten (bass) and Charlie Waymire (drums) are highly accomplished musicians each graduating from the World-Renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA (where they are all currently teaching).

MXL's diverse microphone selection made it possible for the band to capture there sounds exactly how they wanted them to sound.
"When it comes to recording it is imperative to have the right mic for the right sound. The affordability of MXL mics allowed us to have a wide selection to pick from, allowing us to get the right mic for the right sound be it dynamic, condenser or ribbon" says guitarist Ernesto Homeyer.

In these crazy times we all need an escape where we can cut loose our inner rock star and "Hero" is just what the doctor ordered! Brian "Hacksaw" Williams doesn't just have larger than life rock pipes he's a story teller too and his lyrics are sure to make you laugh, cry and sing along at the top of your lungs! But no record can be called rock without rocking guitar riffs and a few screaming solos and "Hero" has plenty of both!  "There is nothing more fun than writing good rock 'n' roll riffs and ripping solos but nothing beats writing good memorable songs. I think we achieved both" says Homeyer.

"Hero" is available on iTunes,, and

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King Crazy Alum Cover

Friday, October 15, 2010

Andy Vargas with MXL Microphones at Cafe Cordiale

The video was recorded using a pair of MXL 603 microphones configured as an XY pair at the back of the restaurant, with a direct feed into the Yamaha AW16G recorder from the MXL LSC-1 Andy uses for his vocals.